For the ultimate outdoor living, we'll incorporate outdoor lighting, grill and kitchen kits, outdoor entertainment systems, seating walls, and fire pits.


We seek out the highest quality products because your outdoor project must be able to withstand the elements. In our harsh, mid Atlantic climate we see every kind of weather and temperature so we only install products that can handle the abuse.

Our installation processes are designed to be the most long lasting. We spend a little more time installing on the front end, which saves us from coming back later to fix problems. We install every patio the same way we would install at patio at one of our own homes.

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Construction Experience.  You Have to Earn It.

Patios, Walkways and Walls

1. Patio Usage

2. Entry Points

3. Grading

4. Drainage

5. Landscaping 

Materials.  You Choose Them Once.  Choose Wisely.

At Post Home & Garden we use only the highest quality patio materials. Patios must be able to withstand extreme weathering so we only use products with solid color through and through. Amongst our wide selecting of of patio materials we work with pavers, permeable pavers, flagstone, premium flagstone, natural stone, faux stone, travertine, brick, limestone, concrete exposed aggregate concrete and more. Our goal to provide you with a great looking, maintenance free patio to which will add value to your home.


Northern Virginia's Choice For Professional Patio And Hardscape Design, Planning, And Installation

Our professional masonry crew constructs patios and walls to the highest standards of quality.

Flagstone is typically laid on top of a concrete slab with a layer of mortar between the concrete and the flagstone. There are other forms of wet-lay and dry-lay installation as well, depending on the particular application.

Design Ability.  

At Post Home & Garden, we love new patios! Whether you are entertaining guests, grilling with the family or just relaxing while enjoying your favorite book, a beautiful new Post Home & Garden patio will turn an overgrown backyard into an outdoor haven. By customizing your homes’ exterior with a clean, maintenance-free patio, the old muddy yard has now become an outdoor area that is practical, beautiful and user friendly. Colors, textures and patterns allow you to achieve that stunning, “finished” look for your home that your neighbors and guests will be sure to comment on. At Post Home & Garden, we also do Outdoor Lighting, Stone Veneer Walls, Retaining Walls, Light Piers, and Waterfall Systems.

What is the perfect design for your home? Since every home is different, each patio is customized for our clients needs and desires, as well as their specific taste. Several elements are considered when designing a Post Home & Garden patio system. We’ve coined this our “Perfect Patio Approach”.​

Patios and outdoor spaces offer one of the best investments a person can make… increased quality of living. Of course, a nice front or backyard will add value to your home when the time comes to sell, but this patio is for you. A beautiful Post Home & Garden patio will allow you get the full use out of your home and yard with an enjoyable place to spend time with your family. It’s the feeling you get on a warm summer afternoon. It’s clear and sunny. Birds are singing. The aroma of hickory barbecue cuts through the fresh, clean air and makes your mouth water a little bit. The kids are laughing and playing games on the lawn. Most importantly, the friends and family are all there and everyone is smiling and having a great time. That’s what a Post Home & Garden patio is all about.

It's About Quality of Living

Having Built Hundreds of Projects Gives Us the Know-How to Help Guide You Toward Your Goal

1. Shape
2. Pattern
3. Texture
4. Color
5. Accents

A Little Extra Time and Money Spent on the Front End Save A Lot on the Back End