Fiber Cement is a popular trim option because of it’s beauty and durability. Made of Portland cement, sand and wood fiber, it is strong, impervious to insects and will never rot. Fiber Cement is also the class leader because of the low rate of expansion and contraction. True wood look, maintenance freedom and a 15 year finish warranty make fiber cement a top choice.

Pvc Boards are a clean, maintenance free solution to replacing old or rotted wood. The product of choice in many applications, pvc boards are trim boards that are made of plastic (PolyVinylChloride). They never rot, never need painting and cannot be damaged by insects or birds.

Pvc Coil Wrap is an alternative to replacing wood boards. As a preventative measure, the current wood trim on the home is wrapped with aluminum coil that is coated with Pvc (plastic). The trim is wrapped in Pvc Coil through a process of customized onsite bending and shaping to contour the exact shape of the wood. Once the wood trim is wrapped, it will not rot and never need to be painted. Cost efficient and coming in every color, Pvc Coil Wrap makes sense in many applications.

Gutters & Gutter Helmets: these seamless aluminum gutters in 5” & 6” are extruded on site to run the length of the home with no breaks. Save time and money on cleaning gutters with our Gutter Helmets.

Construction, Warranty & Investment

  • Impervious to moisture and insects
  • Perfect for ground contact application
  • 25 year warranty
  • Precise sealed edges on all four sides
  • Easier to clean
  • Maintains a “like new” appearance in all types of weather
  • Does not require paint for protection
  • Can be heat formed for unique shapes and designs

Trim & Gutters

Add Value and Style to Your Home While Reducing Maintenance Costs by Installing Maintenance-Free Trim, Molding, New Gutters or Guards

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The Benefits Of Using Modern Materials For Your Trim & Gutter Installation:

Post Home & Garden Carpenters are trained and experienced professionals. We take the time to make clean cuts, square edges and perfect angles. Trim installation is about paying attention to the details and making sure the final product looks perfect. That’s what we do. Most of our trim products boast a 25 year warranty. We warranty the labor for life.

Replacing your homes’ trim with new age materials is one of the best investments a person can ever make. While most view trim as an aesthetic feature, in reality it keeps water from entering the home. When the trim on a home is rotted, water is able to enter into the walls of the home where it collects at the lowest point. When water ends up in your walls, it leads to mold growth, a serious health hazard and an expensive fix.  Trim replacement adds resale value to your home, saves on expensive yearly maintenance costs and prevents hazardous and expensive problems from occurring, so it is naturally a worthwhile and necessary investment.

Times Change.  So Does Material.

Trim products have come a long way in recent years. Wood trim that rots and needs painting every few years is a thing of the past. Today's products are far superior to traditional wood trim for a variety of reasons.  Post Home & Garden uses a variety of PVC trim products. When owning a home adding value to your investment is a number one priority. While most homes have wood trim, over time the trim begins to rot needing replacement and paint. To add value to your home while doing away with maintenance, we install PVC trim in place of all wood trim. This will enhance the overall appearance of your home and allow you to enjoy maintenance freedom. No more paying hundreds of dollars every couple of yours to address your trim. The benefits to a PVC trim installation.